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Our Central Office is at 458 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 0EA. Staff are also based on-site at our residential projects.

Our staff team is highly experienced in working with young people and dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues, as well as with education, training and employment issues.

Tanya, Senior Support Worker

Tanya is based at a Kipper Project property which houses vulnerable young people. She has worked with The Kipper Project for around 10 years. Before this, she worked supporting young people in independent accommodation with budgeting, managing their tenancies and other lifeskills.

There’s no typical day!  Tanya’s routine sometimes starts with handling any urgent situations that have occurred overnight. Each day she checks the building and arranges for repairs to be done. She encourages residents to take responsibility – keeping shared areas clean and tidy so others can use them.

She talks through residents’ problems with them, supporting them to phone up and sort out appointments.  She also attends assessments involving the resident and support agencies such as health service providers or probation.

‘The most satisfying thing is when someone starts to engage with you, you get to know the real person, not the just the ‘front’ they may hiding behind.

‘One of my favourite parts of the job is being part of the assessment process – it means you’re really involved in the young person’s life, helping them to shape their future.’

Marika, Project Support Worker

Marika has been with The Kipper Project for a year and a half.

She works with young women with low to medium support needs. Some clients have experienced domestic violence and mental health issues.

Before joining The Kipper Project, Marika worked with young people with substance misuse issues.  She has also worked in childrens’ homes, young offender institutions, prisons and drugs rehabilitation centres. Her training includes child protection – she has also coached people in parenting skills.

At Kipper, she works with clients to build up their confidence and skills, coaching them in budgeting, cooking, making phone calls to agencies and representing themselves at meetings and job or course interviews.

‘It’s really satisfying being able to cover so many areas and issues that affect young people. I hope that I’m building long-term skills in the clients, so whatever they achieve – a tenancy, a college place or a job, they can sustain it too.’

‘In a way, my work is planting the seed so things can grow – giving clients the tools they need to maintain tenancies and fend for themselves.’



I learned how to respect other people and listen to them.


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