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Dave’s relationship with his family had broken down, he was homeless, suffering anxiety and lacking in confidence. He moved into a Kipper property where his keyworker encouraged him to get involved in activities. He was referred to a football club community scheme where he gained experience in football coaching.

He is now studying to become a fitness instructor and is also looking for part-time employment. Dave’s self-confidence and motivation has improved massively – he is now receiving support from keyworkers with housing applications so he can begin to live independently.


Dana had been in care due to issues within her family. When she came to Kipper, she also had some drink and drugs issues and had served a short prison sentence for motoring offences.  At The Kipper Project, staff helped Dana to sort out her benefits so she received the correct payments. This meant she could start to clear debts which had built up. She was supported to make changes and as a result is now making much more positive choices – she attended all her probation appointments which she had often missed before, is no longer drinking or using drugs and her lifestyle is now far less chaotic. Her new-found self-confidence has helped her change her life around – she is now in a stable relationship, expecting her first child later in the year and is planning and saving for a positive future for herself and her family.


Rafik was referred to The Kipper Project by ‘Leaving Care’, Tower Hamlets’ foster care service. He moved into a Kipper property where keyworkers helped him to develop the skills to manage and maintain his tenancy. He began to take part in house activities and was nominated to take on the role of representing other residents at house meetings.  Keyworkers supported Rafik to study for an NVQ qualification in social care. He also set up and developed his own mechanics business which has continued to thrive. Keyworkers worked with Rafik to help him find ‘move-on’ accommodation and he is now living independently in his own flat.


Tina was ‘sofa surfing’ at friends’ houses for around 6 months, following a family breakdown. When she came to the Kipper Project, Tina was studying business administration. Kipper’s EET officer (Education, Training & Employment) helped Tina to update her CV and do job searches. She was able to get a summer job and was kept on part-time when she returned to college in September.  Tina now has a place at university to study administration. She has moved on to her own flat and her relationship with her family has greatly improved.


Kristy had experienced abuse at the family home. When she first arrived at the Kipper Project she was very shy and reserved and lacked self-confidence.  Keyworkers helped Kristy to find courses to get involved in. She completed an AQA and also attended cooking classes. Her keyworkers persuaded her to get involved with house activities such as social events, meetings and preparing meals with other tenants, which has helped her self-esteem and social skills. Kristy is currently attending drama classes and is building up her self-confidence to make positive decisions about her future.


There was a jobs workshop – i’d never been in an interview before. It made me more confident.


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