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About the Kipper Project

How can I join the Kipper Project? Can I refer myself?

All our clients are referred to us by the HOST Young People’s team at London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Leaving Care teams.  They will discuss your circumstances with you and then recommend the most suitable accommodation and support to help you towards independent living.

Where are your properties? Can I choose which one I go to?

Our residential properties are in Tower Hamlets, mostly in the Bethnal Green & Mile End areas.  Where you are accommodated will depend on where we have a vacancy. Some of our properties are self-contained, others have shared facilities such as bathrooms, kitchen and lounge. At all our properties you will have your own lockable room.

What happens when I reach 24 years of age, your ‘cut-off’ point? Will I have to leave my flat?

Most Kipper clients stay with us for around 2 years. We hope that in the time they are with us, Kipper clients will gain enough skills and confidence to live independently, and manage their finances and daily needs.  Our support workers help our young people to look for their next accommodation. Once clients have found new accommodation they will continue to have a Kipper Project key worker for 6 months.  After that time where clients still need ad-hoc support they are referred to other agencies for a 6-month period to help them with accommodation, training and other support.

What is The Kipper Project’s relationship with PRHA?

The Kipper Project has been managed by PRHA since 1976.  PRHA has many years experience of running supported housing schemes. Kipper Project staff are able to draw on PRHA’s housing and support expertise to offer top quality service to their clients.

Who funds the Kipper Project? How is it run?

The Kipper Project carries out work on behalf of local authority support teams such as ‘Supporting People’. ‘Supporting People’ provides funding for this work; other funding comes from corporate supporters and of course income from tenants’ rent.

Kipper Project works to standards laid down in the contracts issued by local authorities. This means that the Kipper Board report to PRHA.


About daily living at The Kipper Project

Visitors & Pets – Can I have a pet at my project?

Pets are not allowed at our properties as our properties are small and do not have suitable space to accommodate pets.

Can I have visitors at my project?

Visitors may call at the project to collect you and go on to appointments, college or to social and other events but please note we do not permit visitors to stay at our projects – this is a Housing Benefit requirement.

Please note – no minors (anyone under 16 years of age) are permitted to visit the project.

Am I expected to engage in education, training, and employment?

Yes – it is part of your agreement with The Kipper Project that you will take part in at least one of these activities.

I am behind with my rent payments / I have debts from a previous situation

Please speak to your keyworker as soon as possible if you find you owe money and you cant pay your bills, or you’re slipping into debt. Don’t ignore it or hide from it – it wont go away! The sooner you come to see us the better – in some cases we work with your housing officer to set up a ‘payment schedule’ so you can start to clear your debts. Several clients have been able to clear their debts in this way.

IT access

All our projects have WiFi – one project has computer facilities for tenants.

All Kipper tenants may use PRHA’s computers – service user ‘drop-in’ sessions are held regularly at PRHA’s Central Office.

Can I choose my keyworker?

In some circumstances. Please note that due to staffing this is not guaranteed – you may be matched to another keyworker.

I’m pregnant – can I still be housed at The Kipper Project?

Our projects are not designed to accommodate young children and so we would not normally start a tenancy agreement if you are pregnant – we would refer you to more suitable accommodation.  If you become pregnant while you are living at The Kipper Project you would be referred on to other accommodation by the agency which originally referred you for example Young People’s Homelessness Team or the Leaving Care Team.

Use of cannabis and other substances

We do not tolerate the use of cannabis or other substances (including aerosols, inhalants and items bought over the internet).

If you want advice about drugs, please ask to speak to our drugs worker. You can also find information on

Loud music & disagreements between tenants

You are asked not to play loud music late at night out of consideration for other residents.

We try to resolve disagreements about this or about other anti-social behaviour issues wherever possible.  If the issues continue we may need to issue warnings and ask people involved to agree to and sign ‘responsible tenant’ contracts. As a last resort if the issues still continue we would give people notice to quit, which could lead to you being evicted.

Can my friends come to events?

Please let your keyworker / project manager know in advance if you’d like to bring a friend to a Kipper event.

Can my boyfriend / girlfriend visit or stay overnight?

At mixed projects, your boyfriend or girlfriend is welcome to visit the project providing they have been introduced to your keyworker or project manager. This is not permitted at single-sex projects.

My younger sister wants to visit me – she’s 15

We cannot guarantee the safety of minors (anyone under 16 years of age) at our projects and therefore we do not allow them to visit (except to meet you to go on somewhere). If your visitor is lucky enough to look under 16, they will be asked to provide ID.

Things have improved at home and I want to move back home – what do I do?

You need to give us 4 weeks notice and pay your rent up to your last day. You may move out before the 4 weeks is up but you will still need to pay the full 4 weeks rent.


The most difficult thing I was feeling was being alone -  just not having a sense of home life.


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